This sheet-pile quay project consisted in renovating and securing the port in the Ostréa-Edulis sector of Gujan-Mestras, also known as Port de la Passerelle.

The quay, mainly dedicated to pleasure boating, now accommodates 74 additional berths and facilitates boat access and circulation.

Part of the project aims to secure a natural area protected for its sea rushes. Boat access to this area is therefore from the footbridges on the pontoon, in order to safeguard this ecosystem rich in biodiversity.

The new quay is 180m long, and the protection of the natural area is 80m long.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Securing access to parking spaces
  • Securing the protective dike
  • Securing the natural zone against future channel deepening
  • Respect for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Oyster farming activities to be maintained during construction work



Gujan-Mestras, France


Project owner



Main contractor



General contractor


Duration of work
Oct 2022 – Jan 2023


Presentation of the works



The structure is a sheet-pile quay with a reinforced-concrete crown beam fitted with equipment. Footbridges provide access from the quay to the pontoons, which are held in place by guide piles anchored to the sheet piles. Lastly, guardrails cover the beam, allowing users to circulate freely.

The sheet piles were installed using vibro-driving as well as jetting, a technique that enables them to penetrate the very compact sands encountered. The crowning beam was then installed, complete with its various fittings. Finally, the guide piles were vibro-drived into place, and the pontoons placed on their guides.

Our teams worked from the ground for the accessible part of the quay, while the part dedicated to the protected zone and the part in contact with the seawall were built entirely by nautical means.

More information : article made by SMPBA


meters of sheet piling
tons of steel
New berths

Techniques used


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