This project involves the creation of transformer stations on the quays of Bordeaux for Bordeaux Métropole and Enedis. The purpose of these substations is to enable boats calling in along the quays to connect to the power grid, enabling them to operate their on-board equipment without leaving their engines running. The aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fine particles linked to fuel oil combustion, while reducing noise pollution for quayside users.


Bordeaux, France


Main contractor


Duration of works
2021 / 2023

Presentation of the works

The buried substations were placed inside cofferdams, i.e. rectangular enclosures bounded by sheet piles. These were installed by vibrodriving, with continuous monitoring of vibration intensity, given the sensitivity of the project site. Once the enclosures had been excavated and pumped dry, a concrete slab was poured. The networks required to operate the substations were then installed in the cofferdams, followed by the transformer substations at the bottom of the excavations. Finally, steel and pinewood decking was installed to complete the works.

The presence of an electrical transformer in the enclosure meant that several safety features had to be installed in collaboration with ENEDIS, including an earthed network linking the sheet piles and the reinforcement of the invert.

Excavations revealed the presence of large concrete blocks on piles, which necessitated adapting the position of the substations. At first sight, these blocks may have belonged to the foundations of the old warehouses in the area.

The heritage plaque near the Jefferson substation has been preserved and enhanced. It commemorates the Frankton operation (more information: article from the Musée Mer Marine in Bordeaux).











meters of sheetpiles
tons of steel
underground stations

Techniques used


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