Project Rescue Ocean : Ocean Day 2024 : Collecting rubbish and raising awareness in a school

Balineau organised a number of “Project Rescue Ocean” operations in the week following World Ocean Day on 8 June 2024.

A team of 8 motivated volunteers collected 150 kg of rubbish from the banks of the Garonne river. Most of the rubbish was glass (over 100 bottles) and plastic, which was then sent for recycling.

Unfortunately, despite all the energy that was put into it, there is still plenty to keep us busy for other future projects.


Awareness-raising sessions were then held in 6 primary school classes (around 140 pupils).

The pupils were given a very warm welcome and were very receptive and concerned.

The presentation and discussions with the pupils ended with the creation of posters and the presentation of diplomas in an atmosphere of collective enthusiasm. The posters will be displayed in the school playground for all pupils and parents to see.

It’s also a very rewarding experience for the presenters, and one that we recommend to everyone.


More information on the GNO :


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